My web design/hosting business model, focuses on small business and hobbyists who may have wanted a website or an eCommerce store but put it off because the idea of having their own website seems like a very daunting task or the big guys make it cost prohibitive.

We have a fully managed collocated server with a 24-7 team of onsite support professionals. I manage, create, design, change everything else on the back end technical side.

What this means is I can register your dotcom, create you a website/e-commerce online store that once complete, you can manage (with my support as needed) all on your own. It would be fully integrated with:

-Facebook, Instagram, twitter and most other social media platforms available if needed.

-PayPal or many other payment processors available with secure encryption .as required by payment processing companies

-Integrated shipping with USPS or any other mainstream shippers

-Fully responsive design (meaning your site appears and works as easily on a cellphone or tablet as it does on a full blown desktop computer) very easy mobile shopping

-Many other reporting, measurement and analytical features


Please contact me for a quote.


Sunday, October 4, 2020

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